The Benefits of Workplace Mindfulness Training

We all want to work within an organizational and team climate of co-operation, productivity and with of course lower emotional exhaustion (burn-out).
We want an increased sense of psychological wellbeing, lower reactivity levels and faster recovery from workplace stress.

If you are working in an environment that currently seems adrift from this ideal it might be encouraging to know that empirical research shows us that all the above qualities can result from Workplace Mindfulness Training courses.

As part of a tailored Workplace Health Initiative, Mindfulness Training can be delivered to up-skill a work-force on effective stress-management techniques. The cognitive skills that are attained through these trainings are key in mental health protection, resilience building and team cohesion.

Over the past eight years of delivering Corporate Wellness services it has been really encouraging to see a steady increase in companies, businesses and schools taking active steps to improve the mental and physical health of their workforce. Investing and showing interest in who the person is behind the job, by providing courses and talks that directly benefit them, hugely enhances that employees’ sense of job satisfaction and resultantly their motivation and productivity.

Presenting mini-programmes or taster sessions is a great way to introduce wellness to your workplace, it gives people an opportunity to listen to the research and gain an informed understanding of the benefits of the courses or trainings on offer.
It also increases the buy-in that employees then bring to the training courses.

We strongly recommend the introduction of these trainings at management level initially if at all possible. The top-down influence of prioritising wellbeing and actively supporting mental health cultivates a sense of community whose culture honestly promotes necessary self-care. The non-verbal communication of safety and appreciation that occurs with this top-down approach is a powerful tool in overcoming absenteeism and also presenteeism.

Mind Body Ireland offers Workplace Mindfulness Trainings as part of its Corporate Wellness Services. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss the needs of your workplace and look forward to greatly improving its culture and climate.