Art Therapy - Supporting Motherhood

Becoming a new mum is a unique experience for each and every woman and at Mind Body Ireland we fully understand this, especially when it comes to our specific services for women. One such service is Art Therapy and it can play a very supportive role when it comes to psychological preparation for motherhood.

Frequently during and approaching pregnancy, people may start improving their self-care habits by eating healthily, taking yoga classes etc. They may begin to pay increasing attention to supporting the physical changes that occur during pregnancy, all of which is excellent. But in terms of mental health there can be important considerations also.

During pregnancy there are psychological tasks which are accomplished by a new mum, such as fantasising about the baby to come, fantasising about how they themselves will be as a mother. There is also a re-structuring of one’s own identity and sense of self, even sometimes a grieving for an old way of life as this new phase unfolds.

Together all these shifts in perspective ultimately enhance mum and baby bonding.

As all our lives are unique and our circumstances different, a women’s personal jigsaw of life experiences means that her fertility and motherhood journey can need and benefit from differing levels of emotional and mental health support as she prepares for the birth of her child and as she adjusts to life with a new baby.

Art Therapy can be utilised for support during the pre-natal and post-natal periods.

Art Therapy provides a gentle and creative way to feel into and untangle emotions; it offers a space to be seen and to be heard. The sensory-motor and tactile nature of the therapy has a grounding and stabilising effect beneficial when processing and integrating trauma. The sessions are confidential and person-centered and at Mind Body Ireland the Art Therapy that is available is grounded upon up-to-date trauma-informed practices and Infant Mental Health.

No artistic skill or previous experience is necessary.

Please feel free to make contact if you would like to discuss attending Art Therapy or if you would like to discuss questions you may have.